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SUNAK CAVE HOTEL Grapes Deluxe Cave Room

The Best Rock Carving Cave Room Grapes in Cappadocia Waits for You.

Deluxe Cave Room Grapes cave room stone wall stone carved wall of the best rock carving hotel in Cappadocia

GRAPES Deluxe Cave Room

Sunak Cave Hotel's Deluxe Cave Room Grapes is a magnificent rock-carved cave room that has been preserved from day to day construction of this mansion. The porch completely carries the characteristics of the traditional Greek architecture of the period.

Sunak Cave Hotel's Deluxe Cave Room Grapes were used by the Greeks who lived in this house as a room where winter food and drink preparations were made and stored.

The grapes grown in our region of Cappadocia are arranged in rows of clusters in the Sunak Cave Hotel's Deluxe Cave Room Grapes chamber and kept for winter by hanging cranes stuck in the ceiling of the room.

  • Rock Carving Cave Room
  • relief of DIONYSOS
  • Cave Room Niches

Deluxe Cave Room Grapes room also houses grape circles and wines in the cubes that have been in our territory since the Hittites.

Deluxe Cave Room for centuries, grapes have been hid in the room and wine and grapes and wine served by two women since the wines are made. The relief of DIONYSOS, a god of wine and grapevine, has been carved with great care.

In addition, Cappadocia is also found in this room from niches which are frequently found in rock rooms.

It is also found in the niches where the Greek Cypriots, who are often seen in the Cappadocia rock rooms, hid their rifles. Our East Black Sea Region has worked like an embroidery by Bayburt Stone Masters. The room was originally restored appropriately.

Deluxe Cave Room Grapes bed is handmade.

Sunak Cave Hotel's rooms has 14 types of emblems and markings with emblems and markings in shower rooms, shower gel, hair cream, body lotion, olive oil handmade soap, shaving kit, tooth set, bathroom fiber, luxe printed terrycloth slippers etc.