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SUNAK CAVE HOTEL Cellar 1582 Cellar

The Best Yearly Wines in Cappadocia are waiting for you in the 1582 Cellar of the rock cave.

Cappadocia's best-anticipated wines are waiting for you in the rock carving cellar. The best old wines in Cappadocia are waiting for you in the cellar of Sunak Cave Hotel.


Viniculture exists almost for 6000 years in Cappadocia. There are 30 - 35 kinds of grapes grown as wine grapes in the vineyards. Grape cultivation has entered our daily life as an Anatolian tradition. Pergolas in front of many houses built for shading is made of grapes.

Wine workshops in the villages of Cappadocia where Greek is spoken are called as “PATOS”. Grapes were mashed by foot. The Greeks called that section as “HARMAN”. It was a tradition to taste new crop wines at new year’s eve.

Wine used in their rituals by the Greeks and called “NAMA” was specially manufactured. The grapes are not mashed from producing that wine and stum called as “DAKREMA” (TEAR) was collected from drops of grapes that were kept await for a few days and Nama stum were kept aging in some places and should not be drunken until a certain period of time past.

Wine production has grown to an extent as an extension of the Anatolian tradition.

  • NAMA

Our Mahzen is not 1582 years old. Our mahzen was not built in 1582. It has no relation with any events in 1582.

Story of our 1582 Cellar; It started with our valued guests not wanting to taste the rare wines made from the grapes grown in the unique teruaras in our region.

We wanted to age the top-of-the-range wines of our region's international award-winning wine producers (TURASAN - KOCABAĞ - VINOLUS). In order to aged these rare special wines, we built a wine cellar from our rock carving room that is special to a Cappadocia.

Our 1582 pieces of wine in our cellar are waiting for you to accompany these rarely aged wines at an evening dinner at the Sunak Cave Hotel's delicious menu.

At Sunak Hotel; You can make food reservations by choosing Greek food in the Cappadocia region from daily special menus or local menus.

You can also drink from our aged collection wines in our cellar on your visit to Cappadocia.